Month: October 2022


EGRR was contacted by a wonderful trainer who trains dogs as service animals. She’s also trained several of our “crazy” Goldens and has done an incredible job. As you may know, the training for service animals is quite rigorous and only certain dogs meet the requirements. Sadie, a beautiful spayed Golden who is almost 10 …

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Hi, I’m LaLa.  I’m 2 years old and looking for a very special home.  I currently live with a lovely family with 2 rambunctious pre-teen boys. I love them but it is not the right kind of home for me.  I cherish peace and quiet, which my Mom would like to give me, but then …

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Hi! I’m Brody and I’m a Golden-wanna-be (aka, a Golden mix) about 4 or 5 years old.  I’ve had a very tough life up until the nice people at EGRR rescued me from the Shelter in Miami. I heard they were going to “Put Me to Sleep”, whatever that means, if someone didn’t come get …

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