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Happy Endings: Levi Journey

It was never intended for us to adopt another dog. My husband and I agreed that we would help EGRR by only fostering one of the Turkey Dogs that arrived in the January 2016 shipment; however, that wasnt the case. We were true foster failures.

When Levi came into our home, it was obvious that he required much needed attention; physically and emotionally. It took weeks to brush and cut all the mats out of his fur. The amount of hair that was taken off of him was remarkable. Emotionally, Levi needed to learn that his new environment was safe and those around him were not a threat. Most likely, his life in Istanbul was filled with uncertainties and people who treated him unkindly. Levi thrived in our home due the patience and persistence we provided.

Since the time Levi has arrived from Turkey, he has been quite busy. He has earned his Canine Good Citizen certificate and has gone into schools and libraries where we spoke to children regarding the difference between a Therapy Dog and a Service Dog. In fact, he has helped promote the ARF (Animal Reading Friends) program through the Palm Beach County Library system. Levi isnt active and playful like our other Goldens, but he has a calmness/peacefulness about him that proves to us that all of our hard work as paid off. He is an amazing dog and in his own way tells us each day how much he appreciates the life he is now leading.

A huge Thank You to EGRR for sponsoring this endeavor and bringing Levi Journey into our lives!


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