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Gender: Female
Age: about 4

We’d like to introduce you to a very special girl named Lucy. As you can see from her picture, she’s a
gorgeous light blonde sweetheart. We suspect Lucy’s background was not as pretty as she is and that
she didn’t have the kind of loving home that every dog deserves.

Lucy and another dog were supposedly found wandering the streets in Palm Beach County together. The person who brought her to the shelter said he found her. We suspect that this is not the truth because she was quite obviously mistreated by a male (person) in her life. But, this all does’t matter because Lucy’s life has taken a turn for the better!
When our volunteer picked her up from the shelter, all Lucy wanted was to be petted and to have lots of attention. Of course, we immediately took her to our wonderful vets at Clint Moore Animal Hospital to be thoroughly evaluated. Her issue became readily apparent: She was terrified of men! She cowered and backed away from any man who approached her. In fact, if she heard a male voice outside of her room, she would react instantly. She could not be trusted around men and was scared of any changes in her surroundings. Those of us at EGRR who have been working with and rescuing dogs for many years, could see that Lucy had been abused. We were afraid that she was unadoptable.
We decided to allow her to recuperate from her surgery (she had been recently spayed) and to see if a little time and familiarity with her environment would improve her reactions to men and other dogs. Unfortunately, it didn’t. So, as a last ditch effort to save this beautiful girl (who loved attention from females), we decided to bring her to Dynamite Dog Training for temperament testing and training.
Lucy was moved to Dogstown University and became a resident there. Seven days a week, the trainers at Dynamite brought her across the parking lot for all day training and positive exposure to men and to other dogs. We are very grateful to both these organizations for helping us with Lucy!
She has come a long way in a short time. She is learning commands, appropriate interaction skills with people and other dogs, and overall good manners. In fact, Dynamite has seen no reactivity to men while she’s been there. What a star she is!! (Check EGRR’s Facebook page to see Lucy in action!). And, by the way, she is quite the cuddler. She likes nothing better than to romp and to roll over for a good belly rub.
We’re looking for a very special home for this very special girl. She is completely housebroken, and is healthy. She is probably a Golden mixed with a Great Pyrenees. The family that is lucky enough to adopt her will get a chance to work with her trainers at Dynamite in order to see the amazing way Lucy now
interacts with her world. We’d like to find a home without other dogs (although not necessarily a requirement) and no children under the age of 9. We feel that she would thrive in a home with adults.
If you think your family can provide the loving home that Lucy (and all dogs) deserve, please contact EGRR.

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