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Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching – the time of year when we give thanks for all the good things we have in our lives. The Board of EGRR has comprised a list of some of the things that are joyful in our lives. Won’t you join us in counting our blessings? For each item on the list you are thankful for in your life, please donate $1 to EGRR and help us bring some magic to the livesof our orphan dogs. Let’s all start counting!

___ Cold, wet dog noses

___ Doggy kisses in the morning

___ Candles on your dog’s birthday cake

___ Your age if you were a dog (age divided by 7)

___ Tennis balls hidden under the furniture

___ Treats in the treat jar (a penny each)

___ Pairs of unchewed shoes in your closet

___ Vets whose kids you sent through school

___ Rooms in your house with pictures of your Goldens

___ Number of times per week you vacuum

___ Number of times per week you SHOULD vacuum

___ Significant other or NO significant other

___ Parents, children, grandchildren

___ Close friends

___ Relatives up north (thank goodness!)

___ TV’s in your house (HD counts as 2!)

___ Home computers in working order

___ Vacations taken this year

___ Cars you own or lease

___ Anything we have have left out

Donate now to help bless the lives of our orphan dogs


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