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I think this is the way it goes… Little Miss Ginger, NA, NF, CGC

To title, you need to “Q” 3 times by two different judges in each area.NA is Novice Standard which is a typical agility run using most of the equipment.

NF is Novice FAST which is called Five and Send Time (I think).You make up your own course from what the judge laid out, each piece if equipment being a certain point amount.There is also an area which you have to control your dog or “send” them over two or three items, staying at least 5-10 feet away (marked on the course), if you succeed you get a 20 pointbonus amount of points.All total, Novice FAST needs to get 50 points.

She knocked a bar (mom’s fault) in Jumpers and weaves so didn’t “Q” there…but that’s okay.We had fun anyway…

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