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Hi Jane,

Wanted to send you a quick update on DUG….well, I think the pictures speak for themselves ha-ha. He’s a wonderful boy, he met his new vet Dr. Fanning who really likes him (she’s partial to goldens). We did discover he is thunderphobic, so although the vet gave me some medication she also suggested desensitization with a thunderstorm cd which I have and we are going to work on. I have been looking online for other alternatives as well. I know you had mentioned getting a thundershirt for your dog. Have you gotten it and if so are you finding that it works? DUG and I normally walk twice a day for a total of about 4 miles so I’m hoping to lose some weight myself! The neighbor’s cat has really warmed up to him and even took over his dog bed the other night for about a half hour so DUG graciously laid down on the floor beside the bed. Our cat accepts him but isstill a little leery but I’m sure eventually she’ll come around. He has been sleeping with me in my bed at night. How could I resist? He’s very much the gentlemen allowing me to get in bed first and get all situated then waiting to be invited up. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to foster DUG to see what a wonderful boy he is, we just love him!
I’ll keep in touch,
Stefanie C

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