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Fostering FAQs

Want to be a Foster Home?
What is a foster home?
A foster home is a safe, temporary home environment for rescued dogs to rest, recuperate and prepare to meet their “forever” families. The dogs in foster care benefit greatly from love and attention and living in a home. For some rescue dogs, this may be a first. When foster homes are not available, rescue dogs must stay in boarding kennels or veterinary clinics. Foster homes are our biggest need!

How long is a dog in foster care?
Golden Retrievers can be in foster care anywhere from a few days to a few months, with the average stay being about 2 – 3 weeks.

What does the foster home provide?
As an EGRR foster home, you provide the food (unless your foster dog is on a special or prescription diet), a comfy place to sleep, and all the love you can spare. EGGR covers all of your foster dog’s medical expenses, including medications, and provides any special equipment or supplies.

We ask the foster family to treat the foster dog like any other member of the family. We also expect you to do some basic obedience training with your foster dog, as that will help him/her in finding a “forever” home. Most importantly, get to know the dog. Any insight you can offer is helpful in the placement decision.

Together you and the EGRR Adoption Committee decide what kind of home will be best for your foster dog. By facilitating potential adopter meetings, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your foster dog’s new family and ensure that it is a good match.

What if I want to adopt my foster dog?
We understand that “foster failures” occur. If you and the Adoption Committee decide the dog is a good match for your family, you are eligible to adopt the dog. The standard adoption procedure is followed, which includes signing an adoption contract and making the appropriate donation. And, since Goldens make wonderful foster hosts, we hope you will continue to foster.

How do I become a foster home?
The first step in becoming a foster home is to complete the Membership/Volunteer Application, indicating that you wish to foster. Since this is an activity that involves contact with the dogs, you must sign the release. (If you are already a member of EGRR, you may skip this step.) Next fill out the Adoption/Foster Application, found on the website. Once we receive that application, you will be contacted with regard to a home visit. The home visit is a requirement for all prospective foster and adoptive homes.