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Meet Ali who is 6 years old and loves attention. She came in with her “bonded” sister, Juliet, but they didn’t get along at all, so we made the decision to separate them. EGRR believes very strongly in keeping bonded pairs together, even if it takes longer to place the dogs, but in this case, both girls are better off without the other.

Ali came from a home where her “Mom” wasn’t well enough to take proper care of her and her sister. In fact, the girls are 6 and 9 years old and neither one of them recognized her own name! Ali came in knowing no commands, but her Foster Mom is working hard on sit and wait. In fact, she’s getting pretty good at both of them. Down and stay seem to be a bit more difficult, but we know she’ll get it.

Her Foster Mom says that Ali is a great companion, but she needs to be in a home where she is the only dog. She definitely doesn’t like sharing the attention of her human….she wants it all!

Ali is great at walking on a leash, she doesn’t pull and does not chase after, or respond to, other animals (dogs, cats, squirrels) on her walks. She is great with men and women, although we haven’t seen her with children. She has a true Golden temperament! Her favorite thing in the world is to be loved on by her human and will follow from room to room, a true “velcro” dog!

If you are interested in meeting Ali, please put in an Adoption Application on our website.

If you’ve already applied, please either call our Hotline at: 954-748-3507 or email us at: