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Apollo has had a rough life, but his future suddenly looks a lot brighter! He and his sister were left tied to a fence in the parking lot of the Palm Beach County shelter.  He was brought into the Shelter where he was judged to be about 10 years old. They named him “Stud” and gave him vaccines. Shortly thereafter, his sister was rescued by someone; we don’t know who, and this boy was left to his own devices.

EGRR was contacted and we took him from the shelter to our vet, Clint Moore Animal Hospital.  In route to the vet, his name was changed to Apollo, a more  suitable one for him.  He was dirty, smelly, had fleas, conjunctivitis and a horrible ear infection. He’s also quite thin. He stayed at Clint Moore where he was treated for the fleas and given a bath, so all that was left was curing his ear and eye infections.  During this time, everyone who came in contact with him said he was the sweetest boy ever! 

Apollo is now in a foster home, looking for his “forever” home.  The seniors are the best, so if you’re looking for a sweet boy to lie at your feet, contact EGRR and ask about Apollo. You won’t be sorry!