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Hi, my name is Boomer and I’m about 3 years old. I’m really glad to be here. I come from far away, St. Kitts, to be exact. I am so lucky in so many ways! Let me tell you my story:

I was dumped in a park in St. Kitts. I had no food to eat and no one to love and care for me. I was emaciated….all skin and bones. I know I wasn’t going to live much longer, but luckily, a vet student from Ross University found me and brought me there.

For the first time ever, I had plenty of food to eat, and lots of love and attention from all the vet students. I was so happy! They took care of  my medical needs. They vaccinated me, neutered me, microchipped me and taught me basic commands. Now I’m a shining star!

It was decided that I’d have a much better life in Florida than I would in St. Kitts. Everybody knows there are lots of wonderful families here to take care of me and to love me, so they put me on a plane….and, now, here I am!

I’m also very lucky because St. Kitts doesn’t have rabies on the island, so EGRR could bring me into the country because St. Kitts isn’t on the list of the CDC banned countries.

You might have noticed from my picture that I’m not a Golden, but I am definitely a “Golden Wannabe”. I love other dogs, I love to eat, I’m blonde, I have a “super” temperament and, right now, I’m at Clint Moore playing with all the dogs in their daycare program. I fit right in!

If you have room in your home and your heart for a little guy who isn’t quite a Golden, but has many wonderful qualities in spite of that, please let EGRR know by calling the Hotline at: 954-748-3507 or by sending us an email:   Don’t forget to ask for Boomer!

Boomer Before Being Rescued