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Holly (Bristol)

hollyHolly came into our lives on February 2nd of this year; my husband Marks birthday! Weeks before we got to meet Holly, we were already in love with her, and going forward with her adoption was a foregone conclusion. Then we met her, and we loved her even more. We call Holly our little love as she is a 40 lb. bundle of affection, energy, and joy. She quickly adapted to our home and family, and she has become fast friends with our 5 year old Golden, Calli. Holly did not come to us knowing how to be a Golden, but she is learning every day from Calli. The first time we brought her and Calli to the lake to swim, Holly was fearful of the water, but after watching Calli jump in after her frisbee, Holly soon became comfortable. She slowly walked in and has been an exuberant swimmer ever since. Holly has also learned to chase a tennis ball; now she just has to learn to drop it! She loves her daily walks, and is so popular in our neighborhood. When neighbors come out to say Hello, she automatically sits to let them pet her. When children are outside, Holly will run up to them, then sit right in front of them, tail wagging, eager to meet them in a well behaved manner. We are not sure how she learned these wonderful traits, but they have ingratiated her into the lives of everyone around us. At the end of an active day, nothing is nicer than snuggling up with Holly, her head and face gently resting on one of us as she gently drifts off into doggy dreams. She is such a part of our family that it is hard to believe we have only had her for seven months. We cannot imagine adopting a more perfect Golden for our family than Holly.