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Update 2/19/23

Hi, I’m Brody and it’s time for an update to my story. I have been lucky enough to have a wonderful foster family who has taught me how to be a real dog and a pet and to live in a nice house with my own “room” (some might call it a “crate”, but I prefer “room”).

Unfortunately, my foster family is returning to Vermont for the summer and I can’t go with them because they are not allowed to have a dog in their rented home, so EGRR has to find another great family for me.

I have changed so much since I was rescued from the awful shelter in Miami. Back then, I was terrified of everything and would cower and shake if anything or anyone came into my sight. Since I was on my own for so long and had no one to show me love or caring, I became scared of everything in life….it was not fun to be like that! I also had Heartworm disease and was not feeling well.

Since then, I have completed my Heartworm treatment and I’m feeling much better. In a few months, I’ll take my 6 month Heartworm checkup and I think I’ll finally test negative for Heartworms!

I really love my “mom” and “dad”. Here’s what they say about me:
He is very smart and respectful. He responds quickly to any behavior corrections and is food motivated for training. He is less anxious about the car now. When outside here he has responded to the dogs barking from across the street and next door with little interest. He is not a “door dasher”. He waits to be invited outside but when off lead he runs to the door. He seems to prefer being in the house except for his business and that he does as far from the house as possible. He doesn’t like to go outside alone (Note from me: That’s because I had to live outside for so many years!). He loves belly rubs and will make someone a great companion!

Although EGRR does not want to take Brody out of his wonderful home because he’s come so far, we realize that we have to. If you would have room in your home and your heart and would like to have an awesome companion who will love you day in and day out, please call 954-748-3507 or email us at and ask for Brody. You won’t be sorry!