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Hi Everyone!  I’m Butters, a beautiful Female Golden puppy .  I sound like the perfect dog, and under ordinary circumstances, everyone who reads this would be on the phone or filling out an application right now.  But before you apply to adopt me, you need to learn a few things about me.

I was born with a condition called “ectopic ureter”.  In plain English that means that both of my ureters that was supposed to carry urine from my kidney to my bladder doesn’t complete the job.  So long story short, I leak urine.  I just had a surgical procedure at the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital.  The procedure is supposed to correct my problem, but we really don’t know if it was completely successful. This will take some time.  If it was successful, then I will go on to have a perfect life, but if it was only partially successful, then there are other options for me. (The surgery success rate is about 70%.)

It was suggested that I continue to be under the care of an Internal Medicine specialist.  (If you live somewhere where specialists are rare, don’t think about me any further.)  I will need to be kept intact (not spayed) until I go through my first heat cycle, since hormones help control the muscles. I may need to be on medications for the rest of my life – one of these is hormone therapy, and the other is a drug that controls leaking urine.  These drugs are not super expensive.  And here is the hard part – I may need additional surgery down the road, which can be quite expensive.

I am a delightful, happy puppy.  I have been living with another Golden, who is a little older that me, and who has the same problem.  We get along great!  I’m really smart and learn very quickly.  My foster mom says I’m a “pistol”, whatever that means. 

Butters is a dog with special needs. If you are willing, and financially able, to take on a “special needs” puppy, please call our hotline at (954) 748-3507. Do not apply without calling first. Thank you!

If you’d like to help EGRR help Butters, we’d greatly appreciate donations for her care. To donate go to our website:  or send a check to:
EGRR, Inc. 5120 NW 78th Terrace Lauderhill, FL 33351