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Meet Gabe, a 1 year old boy, who is our newest arrival from Istanbul. EGRR received an email from our contact in Turkey, asking if EGRR would consider helping a young tri-paw Golden who had to have his leg removed due to an infection that wouldn’t heal. A dog with a disability like his in Turkey has little or no chance at a happy life. Since we have successfully rehomed tri-paws before and we know we can count on our EGRR family, we of course, said “yes”.

As of this writing, Gabe is in our isolation unit for a few more days. This is a standard procedure for all our dogs that either come from Turkey or that come from a shelter. This is so we can be sure there are no hidden illnesses that could be spread to other dogs.

So far, we know that he is quite young and very handsome. He is adjusting well to the loss of his front leg and is learning how to get around quite efficiently. We also know that he will have to be kept slim and trim throughout his life in order to keep him healthy and in the best possible shape.

Please check back here or contact EGRR to learn more about Gabe’s progress.