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Gulliver has a sad story to tell but we know that his story will have a happy ending!

Broward ACC regularly sends out emails about dogs that are in desperate need of help, and that are available only to rescue groups. Gulliver was one of those dogs; he wasn’t microchipped, had been hit by a car, and was in pain. He was listed as Golden Mix, and his weight as 110 lbs. His picture showed a dog that looked very much like a Golden, except his coloring included patches of white on his face, and the hair on his body was short. We contacted the shelter to learn more about him, and was told we really needed to come get him immediately, as his injury was severe. Needless to say, we went to the shelter and transported him to Clint Moore.

Gulliver was carried into Clint Moore on a stretcher and we expected to see an obese dog because of his weight but Gulliver was not fat at all! He was just BIG and actually weighed 117 lbs! In spite of his horrendous pain, he was just so sweet and only wanted to be petted and loved on. Everyone was rapidly falling in love with this handsome boy. Radiographs revealed that both his radius and ulna were broken straight across. Poor Gulliver needed surgery.

An orthopedist was brought in to do the surgery, which required a large plate to stabilize the bones. It was a complicated surgery that took several hours. Fortunately for
Gulliver, the surgery went well. He needed to stay at the vet for at least a week, putting no weight on the leg. The recovery would take about 2 months. Two weeks later, Gulliver is now walking!

The surgery was expensive, $5500, and that does not include anything but the surgeon’s fee. EGRR is looking for donations to help cover the cost, and Gulliver is looking forward to finding a forever home once his recovery is complete.

We don’t know what he is mixed with, but we do know his temperament is pure Golden. If you are interested in meeting this delicious 2 year old boy, and might want to give him the happy ending he deserves, please contact EGRR at:

Please help us help Gulliver and donate to his care: