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Meet Hank, our big, playful, handsome 10-month-old puppy. Hank came to EGRR from a loving, but overwhelmed, home. Here’s his story:

When Hank was about 8 weeks old, a very unethical backyard breeder ($$$$) sold him to a couple in their 80’s. Anyone who knows the breed, knows that a Golden puppy (and a male, no less!) does not belong in a home with elderly people. They start off as cute little fur-balls, but quickly grow into highly energetic, oftentimes wild and uncontrolled huge “goofballs”. It takes patience, consistency and training to turn them into the sweet gentle dogs we all love.

The elderly couple quickly learned that they could not handle him, so they appealed to their dog groomer to help them out. She took Hank and instantly fell in love with him. However, she has a full-time job, a French Bulldog AND a 22-month old son. She was stretched in too many directions and felt that she could not give Hank all the time and attention he needed. So, she contacted EGRR.

Hank is up-to-date on all his vaccines and vet visits. He has been very well taken care of, and is neutered and house trained. He is super affectionate and knows his basic commands. He needs leash training and  still hasn’t outgrown many puppy behaviors, like chewing on his bedding. His previous owner says, “Hank is a very happy boy. During the day he is normally calm and likes to cuddle with everyone. He loves belly rubs and is a cuddle bug. He does get a hyper spell and runs until he drops. He loves playing with the French Bulldog.”

Hank needs a home with a fenced yard. Please contact EGRR if you have room in your home and your heart to give this sweetheart the home he deserves.