Help Maximus! Donations Needed!

Poor Maximus has not had a good life, so far. That is, of course, until EGRR took him in and got him the help he needed. Here’s his story:

In January, Maximus was at the Shelter in Palm Beach County. He’d been hit by a car, had road rash, was limping and in a great deal of pain. He’d been with a female who had been killed by the car, but luckily, he survived.

The Shelter found that Maximus had a dislocated hip and was Heartworm Positive. It’s obvious that he was an outside dog, poor boy. He was returned to his owner, who was required to treat his lameness and his Heartworm Disease.

Fast forward to February, and  Maximus was back at the shelter, having been picked up again as a stray. Sadly, nothing had been done to help him. His lameness was now worse. It was decided that he should go to Rescue. His life had just taken a turn for the better!

We picked him up on Saturday and brought directly to the Orthopedist, who reviewed all the options for treating him. As it turns out, we really didn’t have a choice because so much time had passed since the injury that scar tissue had filled the joint and there was significant bone loss in the area. And, Maximus had one more complication: It was especially dangerous for him to have anesthesia with his Heartworm Disease. It was decided to go ahead with the surgery to repair the hip and, at the same time, to neuter him.

Our boy came through with flying colors! He had to stay at Clint Moore for two weeks before continuing on the next phase of his recovery, the rehab vet in Davie. He just completed his rehab program and, armed with home exercises, and his sweet disposition, he’s off to our wonderful trainer to continue his progress.

Of course, this is all great for him, but it’s been extraordinarily expensive for EGRR. We need your help so we can continue to help Maximus. So far, we’ve spent in excess of $8,500.00 to treat him, and the bills are still coming.  If you’d like to help Maximus, you can donate on our website:

Or mail a check made out to EGRR, Inc to: EGRR  5120 NW 78th Terrace Lauderhill, FL 33351

Maximus and EGRR thank you!