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Want to Volunteer?

EGRR is an all-volunteer organization, non-profit organization dedicated to providing veterinary care, comprehensive evaluation, and quality adoptive homes for Golden Retrievers who are in need of these services.   Would you like become one of our volunteers?

Volunteers are the backbone of EGRR, and we have a number of activities that can coincide with your availability, your skills, and your interests. We have opportunities to work hands on with our Goldens and help us achieve our goal of finding “forever” homes for these furry friends.  We have other opportunities that, although they are not hands on, are necessary to help us run our organization.

One of the most important volunteer opportunities is fostering.  To learn more about this very special kind of volunteer, the ones we call our “Golden Angels” click on fostering.

All volunteers must complete a membership application, and select from the opportunities available.  Those who handle the dogs must also sign a volunteer release and be at least 18 years of age.  Electronic signatures are permitted. Although our membership costs are low, they do help to cover administrative costs.


We are always grateful for the time and effort expended by our volunteers. Without them, we would never be able to rescue all of the Goldens that we do. No matter what time commitment you can make, an opportunity to help awaits you!