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May 20, 2010
Four years ago, on May 6th, we met Banjo and knew he was a special Golden.

When we knew we were ready for a Golden, our son Alan, picked Banjo for us, out of all the dogs available adoption at that time. We have often wondered what must have going through Banjo’s mind, as it was obvious he had been very well loved during his eight years. Now, here he was in Canada, after a plane ride, and a truck ride; with new people plus a cat who had been Queen for a very long time! And SNOW!

Banjo adapted to it all (he loved the snow) and made friends with everyone in the neighborhood. He loved having his ears rubbed and a massage was the icing on the cake for him. He love apples and knew when it was 1:00 PM – he would come to us to get his apple. It had to be cut into slices and given to him one at a time.

His loving disposition and gentle manner with everyone, young or old, made him loved by all.

Fifteen months ago, Banjo was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time we were told his life expectancy would be six months, and if we were really lucky, we might have a year. We were so fortunate to have had fifteen months as Banjo had no pain and even had a final walk in the woods on May 6th, although at the time we didn’t know it would be his last walk in the woods. On May 8th, his motor skills became limited and we knew we couldn’t have him suffer at all, and we had to let him go.

Banjo’s kind vet came to the house on May 10th, and we said good-bye. He will always be in our hearts, and we thank you for giving us this opportunity to know and love Banjo.

Audrey & Ken M.