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BennyIt is with indescribable pain that I bring you the news that my wonderful Benny is not with us anymore. He was almost 14 years old, and even though he was battling severe arthritis and it was getting more difficult for him to walk and stand up, I wasnt expecting that cancer would get him as well. Benny was the best dog Ive ever met; he became part of the family since the first day he came into our lives and for almost 5 years he was the light that brought happiness to us. He was always so calm, so patient, so well behaved! Benny was the perfect dog! He had the gift to make you feel calm and relaxed ; it was like he spoke with his eyes and you almost forget life is not fear and the best dont stay long enough. We are going to miss him every day and he will live in our hearts and memories forever. Im sure the ducks, the squirrels and the bunnies that saw Benny every day at the park for the last 4 years are already missing him as well; he loved the park and his walks at night around the neighborhood with the cat, always grabbing his stuffed animals before leaving anywhere of course. I cant believe he is gone!

Thank you EGRR for giving us the opportunity to know him, to care for him and to love his as much as we did!

Thanks for all you do for those wonderful friends!

Ligia Moya