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To Our Human Friends and Goldens Everywhere:

I apologize for belatedly sharing this news, but I could not bring myself to do it any earlier than today. Buddy (#508), who joined our family on October 16, 2008, passed over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday, October 12, 2013. I am sure Buddy is resting on a cool tile floor looking out over his landscape as I write this, patiently awaiting his next ride as my navigator. We surely do miss him; what little driving I have done myself since his departure has been scary due to my preoccupation with his absence.

Buddy left us peacefully, although his mobility was limited due to his hip condition, his interest was not. His appetite was flagging and he had lost about 12 pounds, spending most days asleep on the cool tiles by our front door. I was holding him in my lap as he approached the Bridge. We will be together again someday when our family is together once again. I assured him there were no thunderstorms beyond the Bridge and he took great comfort in that. Our Thundershirt helped but did not erase his fear of storms. More than once, he hid so far and fast under our king size bed as a storm developed that I had to get an automotive Jack to raise the bed frame and pull him out by his paws. Some would say it was comical but we found his fear tragic.

Buddy was a great companion and there was not a mean bone in his body I miss him greatly as do our friends and our grandchildren. Of the five (5) Goldens in our family over the last 38 years, Buddy was the gentleman and diplomat that everyone loved and respected. We hope to adopt another Golden but see that there are not many currently available please do keep us in mind. We are hurting now.

I would tell you more but cannot continue this letter. Im sure you understand.

Jim (and Carole) Underwood