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Buster was originally named Dart, and was rescued along with his Mother Annie, He was born on 1/6/2003, and was one of nine puppies. All the other 8 puppies were placed, so Buster and his mother, came to be rescued by Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue in June 2003.

Buster was placed into the foster home of a very nice lady called Christina. My husband and I along with my three children and Grandma, all arrived at the house. There were about 5 dogs, all sitting on the sofas, but we were made very welcome, and the dogs were told to make room for us. Then Buster was brought into the room, and he made a beeline for my husband, so that sealed the deal, and we adopted him. Christina, even came with us to the pet store, to make sure we purchased everything we needed for Buster.

He has been a wonderful companion for my whole family, and he is sadly missed. He was a very gentle and laid back dog. He did have hip dysplasia from an early age, and I did visit several vets, but decided not to operate. We kept, him on short walks, and he managed very well, until he reached 12 years old. At that point his back legs started to give out on him. We started giving him medication, which worked for a while. Then when his back legs completely failed him, and we bought a harness, to help him up. At this point he also had other problems, and it was becoming more obvious that his quality of life was diminishing fast. We sent him to the rainbow bridge on June 30th 2015, and it was the most painful decision that we have had to make.

However, Buster has had a very good life, and has always had the company of other dogs. His best friend was a cavalier King Charles spaniel, who we bought as a puppy in 2009. She was his best friend, and he followed her everywhere. He even used to help her hunt lizards, even though he was not particularly interested in that hobby himself.

One funny incident, was a number of years ago, when we lived close to a lake, where a large family of ducks resided. My younger daughter had been going down the lake to feed the ducks, and on this particular afternoon, all the ducks arrived on our front driveway. I opened our front door, to go out but Buster pushed passed me, and leaped amongst the ducks, causing them to disperse in all directions in panic. Half of the ducks ran across the road, back towards the lake , followed by Buster in hot pursuit. Several vehicles trying to exit the community were forced to stop while this mad frenzy of ducks and dog reached the lake. I was screaming the whole time for Buster to stop, and by the time he reached the edge of the lake, I shouted again, and in a split second, he looked at me, and then looked at the ducks swimming away and he made his decision and in he went. I did not know he could even swim, but he proved to be a powerful swimmer, and within seconds was in the middle of the lake, still in hot pursuit. I thought I would have to get in the lake, but luckily one of the residents from one of the cars trying to exit the community got out and came to our assistance and ran along the edge of the lake, calling Buster. He came to him, although not to me. Anyway, all was resolved , and the ducks survived the day, although I did not see them on our front driveway ever again.

It has been 2 months since we lost Buster, and my whole family miss him dearly, but he will always hold a special place in our hearts. Many happy special memories, will remain forever.