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Jaco & Chiquita










We adopted these two wonderful dogs, Jaco and Chiquita, from EGRR in 2006. They were like a brother and sister, although unrelated, and lived for each other. Jaco watched everything Chiquita did, and she always cuddled next to him, licking his eyes, and making sure all was well. They were both sick with chronic Ehrlichia, and Jaco, in particular, was on and off medication the whole time we had him. But he turned into a gorgeous dog, with a long flowing coat, and people stopped on the street to ooh and aah. Chiquita was a character. She was terrified of thunderstorms and knew when they were coming long before the first lighting bolt hit the ground. She seemed almost psychic and often appeared to see thing that were not there. And she loved to roll in the grass, with her legs in the air, for the sheer joy of it.

We lost Jaco first, in June 2011, when he became too ill to continue his string of illnesses. Chiquita seemed OK with his loss, and enjoyed her remaining months before she died peacefully, but without any warning, this past March. We miss them both and have wonderful memories of our life with them, brief as it was.