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December 3rd, 2011

Jane and all our EGRR family,

Our girl Lola developed a mass in her neck, she was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and she was on Steroid Treatment , but her condition deteriorated fast. She had severe difficulty breathing and swallowing and eating; she was throwing up and she lost a lot of weight, we are heartbroken but we couldnt see her suffering like that anymore. Dr. Carlos Ameijeiras and Dr. Lauren Diamant fromHollywood Animal Hospitalshowed so much compassion, respect and understanding during her treatment and until the end, also the rest of the Hospital staff. Thank you Jane for recommending Hollywood Anima lHospital, the doctors did everything they could to help Lola.

We still can’t believe that our girl is gone. We adopted Lola in March 10th, 2009, and since we didn’t know her real birthday, we celebrated her birthday every year on the date of the adoption, she was 7 years old. Our girl Lola was such a great dog, she was perfect !!!! The only thing that we regret it’s that her previous owner spent with her 5 precious years of her life and we didn’t…. that we could only be with her for 2 yrs and 9 months… what a wonderful dog she was…. Lola was very smart, gentle, obedient and gorgeous !!!! She used to LOVE playing with tennis balls !!! That was her favorite thing to do !!!! Last Christmas we went toTennessee and she went with us, she behaved so good, we planned our vacations to only places she could go with us, she was part of our family.

We were so happy that her picture was chosen to be in the EGRR 2010 Calendar, month of April, she looked beautiful !!!

I asked my husband: Why did she have to go so fast ? and he said: Because she was toooo good to be here in this world and God wanted her in Heaven.

I asked my son, do you think Lola is in Heaven looking down at us ? and he said: Mom, Lola is in Heaven playing with millions of tennis balls !!! That was her Heaven here, so just imagine there !!!

Our beautiful, gentle, sweet girl Lola… R.I.P. *March 10th, 2004 – November 29th, 2011* We will miss your unconditional love, looking into your beautiful eyes, our walks and talks, and your favorite: playing with you with your tennis balls !!! Sooo sad…Our hearts are full of your pawprints Lola… ? ? ?

Your Forever Family ? ? ?

Daddy Oscar, Mommy Yisell and your big brother Anthony