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Murphy Winters Musa

7/14/2005 – 11/23/2015


Murphy was born July 14, 2005. When Murphy was three years old in October 2008, he was adopted from the Everglades Golden Retriever Rescue by Stephanie Winters. They lived together for awhile until Luke and Noah Musa moved in with their father Mark.

Murphy was a huge stress reliever to have around the house. He was a loyal dog, a good protector and lovable. He would always greet us at the door both happy and excited. He was a bright light on a gloomy day. Murphy was our rock. Murphy was well-acquainted with our friend’s other dogs like Lizzie, Heffy and Maddie. Murphy got along with other dogs and treated new people with a warm welcome.

In his older days, Murphy met the eldest of the Musa family, Richard (Pop), our grandfather and they were pretty close in age. Murphy and Pop got along well and at times, Murphy would not leave Pop’s side.

Over the past few months, Murphy slowed down a bit and a few weeks ago developed a leg problem. He never showed he was in pain and the severity of the problem was not diagnosed until he was within hours of his death. Murphy died in pain, however, it ended quickly as he was laid to rest peacefully. The better option.

Murphy, we all love and miss you, as you have been a great part of our lives. We hope to see you in heaven one day.

With love,

Luke, Noah, Mom and Dad