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Nyles known as NyNy

Good Morning Hermine,

We adopted Nyles (NyNy) from EGRR in 2004. We have been blessed for 6 years to have him in our family. Jane Donelson brought Nyles to us. He was a large big hearted boy. He had such a positive impact on my family and we miss him terribly. NyNy was diagnosed with Lymphoma in August 2009. We began chemotherapy but the treatment quit working and became too much this month. On Thursday NyNy and I decided he had had enough and I took him to our vet for the final time. I have been a dog owner all my life and havenever seen a dog impact so many. He was not a therapy dog or involved in sports but was a friend to many. He was a very low key calm lovable boy that loved to stand close and lean on your leg. He came to us with beautiful manners and temperament. Dr. Shelton’s vet clinic staff became very involved in NyNy’s care and the staff was all in tears Thursday when I showed up with him. Dr. Shelton said many times thatGoldens are a great breed but NyNy was an exceptionally great boy. I felt compelled to let you guys know we lost a beloved family member this week. Thank you so much for all you do for this wonderful breed.

Julie Adams