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My Boy, Reno

The Day I met Reno, there was an immediate connection

For I felt nothing but joy and an instant affection

As I agreed to the adoption and was beginning to prepare

Reno ran out of his cage as if to say Im ready to leave here

On our long walks hed chase ducks, squirrels and after the ball

And always traveled by car with us in winter, spring, summer and fall

He wasnt a big fan of us swimming in the pool

When wed go under water, he would bark and run around like a fool

Hed sit right next to me whenever I was cooking

Hoping Id toss him some scraps, for he was always looking

Every day at 5:00 hed bark to let us know it was time for his dinner

He loved hamburgers and apples but bread was always the winner

Whenever Id return home from work, his tail would wag and hed start prancing

Time to de-stress and turn the music on for some fun and dancing

When I was unemployed, Id talk to him about my fears which he would never question

Hed just give me kisses and kept me from falling into a deep depression

As Marty often travels for business and is away from home

With Reno beside me, not once did I feel alone

My sweet, funny loyal boy was Oh! So very good

He taught me the true meaning of happiness which I never quite understood

Even though I feel sad because now we are apart

Im grateful for 7 wonderful years together as he lives on forever in my heart