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Our dear golden Roxy passed away July 5, 2012. She was 2 months shy of turning 15! We loved her so very much. We adopted Roxy December 2003, she was 6 years old.

When our daughter Stephanie was five years old we lived in Thailand. Her favorite bedtime story was Clifford the Big Red Dog. At night, after her Dad was finished reading, she would say Dad, when we move back to America, are we gonna get a big red dog? And her dad would always reply you betcha! I would silently cringe thinking how I would rather get a small dog I heard that same question from Stephanie for many years.Well, true to his word, four years later we move from Thailand to Miami and my husband wastes no time in contacting EGGR to start the adoption process. On a Sunday afternoon the folks from EGRR show up at our house with a big red golden they had chosen for us. We now had our very own Big Red Dog!

Roxy was a member of our family from the day she arrived. In the mornings Roxy made her rounds from bed to bed for her belly rubs and cuddles. She loved her walks and was the happiest if she saw a cat on the way and even better if she happened to be off leash! Every day she waited patiently to leave for her car ride to pick Stephanie up from school. She knew what time we had to leave and she made sure I didnt forget. If I happened to be out somewhere on a school day and it was time to go pick up Stephanie, I would stop by the house first to get Roxy because she would be devastated if I went without her!

Roxy had an adventurous life. She traveled half way across the world with us when we moved back to Thailand. She had many friends that loved her there too. We adopted another golden in Thailand and Roxy became a big sister to Wally. She accepted Wally and he became part of our family as well. A few years later we move to Virginia where Roxy spent the last few years of her senior life. She loved the cold winters and sticking her nose in the snow. She loved to roll and scratch her back and we always had a bare spot on our front lawn where she flopped and rolled. She was such an amazing girl, never sick, always happy and gave us so much love in return. Her final days were tough, mostly on us as we hated to see Roxy in the condition that comes with old age; she had lost the use of her back legs and couldnt stand or walk anymore. It was time and we had to make that hard decision! Stephanie stayed with her Big Red Dog and held her paw as she went to heaven. We have our girl with us in our hearts and thank you EGRR for bringing us Roxy on that beautiful sunny day!