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Simba #236

Firstly I wish to thank EGRR for the job they do in placing wonderful dogs in loving homes. I adopted Simba in 2005, he was a 5yr old rambuncious recently neutered highly active boy. He remained all puppy throughout his life and won hearts whereever we went – he still has friends all over south florida and is sadly missed. My house is now empty and I miss being greeted at the door and barked at if I was late.

Yes unfortunately my wonderful boy was recently allowed to leave peacefully in his sleep, he had developed an extremely aggressive mouth cancer that had begun to obstruct his airways and made eating and drinking almost impossible. Simba remained a loving and and attentive boy to the end. Diagnosis to sleep was less than three weeks, and was very difficult for everyone and especially Simba. He is missed.

Simba 5 (#236) was soo much fun and with a little remedial training became a wonderful companion, the only issue he had was with some, and only some, other goldies. He loved other dogs including his half sisters, and would stand with paws atop the lowest part of my fence and make friends with the neighbours, and barked at other dogs, always the character. His favorite past time was to ride in the car and I had to spell it when talking to others, or he would be at the door all excited to go.

During his life he developed some thyroid and heart issues which were well controlled on medicines and with regular check ups, blood tests and twice yearly visits to his cardiologist. He was always happy to see everyone at the vets and behaved extremely well. He even allowed the vet to trim his nails and stick the nasty thermometer in …. something he would never let me do. He always took his meds as is and would sit at the table where I keep the medicine and wait at the appropriate time —- of course he got treats afterward.

Simba stories are plentiful – when the fence broke I made temporary fix — Simba broke through and went to one of the houses behind me and scratched at the door – owner opened and in he went, ate the cat food and lay down like he belonged!! much to the owners astonishment — we were out looking for him, and eventually I got a call and was able to locate him — all comfy and settled in — needless to say fence repairs moved up!!! Another was at the vets and nasty kitty had just bitten the nurse, as they moved kitty in carrier down the hall Simba smelled kitty and barked and snarled at the kitty – vet staff laughed and treated him – they thought kitty deserved a telling off!!

But my favorite was taking my boy to the company picnic – made loads of friends including the CEO and all the kids, then it rained – he was under the tables in the tents sitting in the only and I mean only dry spot with tail curled so it was off the floor — then the kids found him and started to feed him — I could not get him out !!

Simba was my second golden that was afraid of water -no pools or ocean!!

I just wanted to let you know that Simba was a major force in my life for the last few years and I thank you for connecting us, and that does not even begin to express my gratitude. So on this thanksgivng day I give thanks for all your hard work and consideration of all the beautiful wonderful goldens you have and are helping.

And for those of us who lost our puppies this year, thank you for the time we did have together.

Claire P.