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Kobi (Alley)

Having grown up with golden retrievers all my life, I knew that having a golden would make the perfect addition to our new home and growing family. We are newlyweds, dog lovers, and adventurists. So when we found out about Turkey Dogs, we knew right away that it would be our biggest adventure yet!

When we met Kobi (ne Alley), it was absolute love at first sight. He was the quiet one, and quite literally FELL into our laps. While today he is NOT so quiet, he still loves to snuggle up to anyone and everyone from family members to complete strangers on the street.

He is the most lovable little character we could have ever welcomed into our home. Although at times his mischief can get the best of him, like taking an unopened jar of peanut butter off the counter and eating half of it! Or chewing up a favorite pair of glasses (he gets his style from his momma), there is no way to stay mad at his little face!! When were not around him, we miss him terribly, and when hes having play dates with his grandparents and fellow-golden cousin, Boston, our house truly feels empty.

Love doesnt even describe what our little man has brought into our lives. We may have saved him, but we are the fortunate ones.

-Julie and Tal F.