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Hi, I'm


Hi, I’m LaLa.  I’m 2 years old and looking for a very special home. 

I currently live with a lovely family with 2 rambunctious pre-teen boys. I love them but it is not the right kind of home for me.  I cherish peace and quiet, which my Mom would like to give me, but then the boys come along and I become overwhelmed. 

My early life was not easy. You may even remember my story. I had what is called a liver shunt, which required life saving surgery. Blood vessels that were supposed to flow into my liver, instead bypassed it, and allowed toxins to build up in my system. Those toxins made me lose my appetite and feel sick.  

Once I had my surgery, I felt so much better. I started eating and began to fill out.   I continued to recover in my home but I just can’t stand the loud noises and chaos that 2 pre-teen boys can create.  My mom decided that because she loves me so much she has to give me up.   EGRR promised Mom that they would find a special home for me; a calm peaceful one without children.

I am going to be adopted out as a “special needs” dog because I will require medication and prescription food for the rest of my life. I will also require regular  vet visits, including blood work.

If you have a calm, peaceful home without children, and are willing to help with my health issues which include the remote possibility of another surgery, contact EGRR at 954-748-3507.  Or, go to our website and fill out an application that mentions my name. I will come with all my medical records and lots of warm, sloppy kisses.

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