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Lili (Living Life in the Florida Keys)

Lili is our second rescue from EGRR and she being a Turkey dog is very shy with new people especially men. To date she has become very affectionate to my husband. She has her moments, but she is coming out of her shell. She is very smart, almost too smart for her own good. She goes for longer and longer walks. The walks are helping her get used to all the new noises she hears. Now she barks; at first she didn’t, and now she has more confidence. She actually saved my neighbors’ life. One night at dusk,a couple of weeks ago, I [Michele] was taking her out in the yard on her leash and she was growling and then barking pulling in the direction of our neighbors house. Our neighbor had fallen down and couldn’t get up. If it hadn’t been for Lili she may have never gotten help. She is very territorial but in a fun way, tail always wagging. She truly is our little hero. We grow to love her more each day!