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March Turkey Dogs

Our Newest Turkey Dogs

Lili and Tarcin arrived in Miami late at night on Thursday, March 24th. Unlike our other “Turkey Dogs”, these two arrived on a passenger plane with Aylin, the volunteer who saved them! Although that might sound better to you, it actually is harder on the dogs because they fly directly from Istanbul to Miami, while the cargo planes have an almost 24 hour layover in Luxembourg, where the dogs are fed, pottied and exercised. We currently know very little about them, except what we were told before they arrived.


Lili 1

Lili is around 2 years old and was rescued when she was less than a year old. She has been treated for distemper, recovered and was living on a farm before she came to Miami. We are told she is very social, but they night of her arrival, she was quite timid. This is not unexpected. To see Lili now, click on Now



Tarcin 1
Tarcin (pronounced Tarchin)means cinnamon in Turkish, and is a common name for brownish dogs. This 2 yr old golden had been badly bitten by other dogs in the most crowded shelter of Istanbul. He was rescued by the same volunteer who rescue Lili, and was living on the same farm as she was. We were told he is a very sweet, social boy. To see Tarcin now, click on Now