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Meet Marley, a 5 year old neutered boy who came from a busy home with 4 kids and not enough time to give him the attention that he deserves. His “Dad” surrendered him to EGRR in hopes that we’d be able to provide a better life for him, which we’re sure we’ll be able to do.

Marley came in up-to-date on vaccinations. However, he was suffering from several conditions that could have been prevented, but were neglected for too long and, as a result, are now chronic issues. When he came in, he had green pus in both eyes and thickened ear flaps with bi-lateral ear infections.

We took him to a veterinary ophthalmologist who diagnosed him with chronic dry eye. He felt that the dry eye may have been caused by ear infections left untreated. These might have damaged a nerve leading to the eyes, resulting in dry eye. To keep him comfortable, Marley will require daily eye drops for the rest of his life. His ear flaps will never return to normal and his new family will have to be very vigilant and watch for ear infections.

In addition, Marley’s blood work showed a possible problem with his kidneys. His BUN level was too high, meaning his kidneys may not be functioning as well as they should. Our vet put him on a Kidney diet (low protein), and is giving him regular subcutaneous fluids to keep him properly hydrated. She’s going to redo his blood work in two weeks and, hopefully, we’ll see an improvement. Check back here for an update on his condition.

Marley needs a loving home where he’ll get lots of love and attention. When he first came in, he was very scared and shy. However, he’s coming out of his shell (probably because he’s feeling a lot better).

It’s quite obvious that Marley will make a wonderful, devoted companion to whoever is lucky enough to adopt him. And, because of his lifelong issues, Marley will go as a “Special Needs” dog, which means there will be no adoption fee, but a donation will always be welcomed.

If you’re interested in helping Marley, please call our Hotline at: 954-748-3507 or Email us at: