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Meet Mason!

Mason is a sweet, gorgeous, energetic 19 month old boy. His second Mom gave him up because she wanted a better life for him. She and her husband work full-time and have very long, irregular hours. Mason was spending too much time alone and he wasn’t getting the attention he needs. As we all know, Goldens are very social animals and crave the company of humans and other animals, so no Golden puppy should be alone as much as Mason was. This broke his Mom’s heart, and as much as she loved him, she wanted to give him a chance to be with a family that had enough time and love to give him.

Mason has had a rough past. He was originally purchased by an irresponsible person who was in school full-time and who also worked. Poor Mason was locked in a crate for hours and hours every day without water. If this person went out at night, Mason was put back in his crate. She never walked him, never played with him, never gave him the time and love that all dogs need.

Luckily for Mason, that person abandoned him at his second Mom’s home. Goldens being as special as they are, he blossomed into an affectionate, loving, and very smart boy.

Mason came to EGRR up-to-date on all his vaccines, Heartgard and flea/tick meds. He is healthy and gorgeous, but he is overweight. He should lose about 15 lbs. to be at his best. He needs a home with a fenced yard and a family that is able to devote lots of time and love to him. He would prefer to be an only dog, but might do well with the right female. His Mom wrote a beautiful letter telling his future adopter all about him…when you read it, you’ll feel the love she has for him.