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Hi, I'm


Hi, I’m Max and I am a very lucky 1 year old boy! A super nice man called EGRR and told them that my previous owner was trying to get rid of me by putting me on CraigsList and asking someone to take me. This is very dangerous and I know I could have wound up in a terrible place.

Instead, the nice man brought me to EGRR where I saw a vet for the first time. I’m very skinny and have a bump on my head. I’m also what they call “intact”(whatever that means), so the vet has to do something called “neuter” me. He’ll also take the bump off my head. But first I need a lot of blood tests to be sure I’m completely healthy.

Right now, I’m lucky enough to be at Clint Moore Animal Hospital enjoying pool parties and playing with other dogs. I’m getting over my shyness because everybody here is so nice!

If you’re interested in adopting me, I’ll need a  fenced yard so I can play and some training because EGRR requires all puppies to get training. I’m a super-sweet boy and would love a nice, warm home and someone to love me like I deserve.

Please contact EGRR and submit an Adoption for me……….I promise you won’t be sorry!