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When we first got Nellie, her name was Dolce, which means “sweet” in Italian and that’s exactly what she is. However, we felt that the name “Nellie” fit her well and was easier to remember, so sweet “Dolce” became sweet “Nellie”….and she truly is a sweetheart.

She lived with a family who obviously cared about her and taught her all her basic commands, like sit, down, and come.  She walks beautifully on a leash, and if you stop, she sits at your side.  She is completely potty trained too.  Sadly for Nellie, her mom became pregnant and decided that she didn’t want a young dog with a baby coming.  She thought she was doing the right thing when she placed Dolce with a neighbor. 

This new family was unable to properly care for Dolce and she spent her days living in the yard.  Since she absolutely loves people, she was sad and lonely.  She took things into her own paws, and left the yard to find someone to give her the attention she craved.  She saw a friendly looking woman walking her 3 dogs, and decided to follow them home.  She picked the right person! 

She found someone experienced with rescue, who knew just what to do.  She located the current owner, had Dolce officially surrendered to her and after a quick vet check, she called EGRR.  The next day, she drove Nellie from Miami to Boca, and she became an EGRR dog.

Everyone who had meets Nellie falls head over heels in love with her, but since this will be her third home, we really want to find the perfect family for her.  After all, “the third one is a charm.”  

Nellie’s perfect home will be one with someone who is home most of the time, has a fenced yard, and hopefully, a swimming pool.  She would like a canine companion, but one young enough to keep up with her energy level, since she is only 13 months old.  She loves children but is too energetic for those under 5.  Cats are not a problem because she likes them too.

Our puppy contracts require obedience training, and spaying at the age of 1 year.  Nellie has not been spayed yet, and we would like to wait until she is settled and comfortable in her new home.

If you want to meet Nellie, call the Hotline (954) 748 – 3507 and/or follow the link below to fill out an Adoption Application.