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Meet our amazing, incredible Patch! We’re hoping that someone out there will have it in their heart to give this sweetie a forever home. Here’s what we know of his story:

Someone sent us a Facebook link to a senior (about 12 years old?) who was found by a real estate agent abandoned in a foreclosed home. He had no food (and probably no water, either). In the picture, he looked like he might be a Golden mix. It was obvious that this poor boy needed help desperately. So, we agreed to take him the following day.

It was then that EGRR learned that he couldn’t walk. He was emaciated and had no strength in his hindquarters. If someone stood him up, he’d collapse, but we were told that once he gets his balance, he could take a few steps.

We took him directly to Clint Moore Animal Hospital, where we did a geriatric workup and a full set of x-rays. He had terrible skin from flea bites, but his blood work was good (Heartworm Negative!). The x-rays showed that he had terrible hips and spondylosis (bone overgrowth in the vertebrae), plus some of the vertebrae in the spine were fused, and of course, he was arthritic. We started him on an antibiotic and on pain meds, fed him, gave his lots of loving, and made him comfortable.

Two days later, we received a video from Clint Moore showing him getting up and walking to get a treat from the vet tech. AMAZING! He didn’t make it far, but he was walking! About a week later, he was out on the field with the daycare dogs, running and playing with them. Of course, he wasn’t steady on his feet, but he was running!

Patch LOVES people….especially when they’re giving him belly rubs….and he also loves dogs. Patch deserves a happy life for however much time he has left. Do you have it in your heart to give this amazing boy a happy ending? If so, please contact EGRR at: 954-748-3507 or Email to: