Pilot & Autumn

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Pilot & Autumn

Meet EGRR’s two newest additions! Pilot, a 3-4 year old male and Autumn a 4-5 year old female, who just arrived from Turkey. Both are super sweet and have had a difficult life until now.

Autumn came from a bad situation with a hoarder in Turkey, where she was held for 2 years. She needs to lose some weight, but aside from that, she’s great. Pilot was rescued from a shelter outside of Istanbul. Both get along with other dogs, love people and belly rubs, and we’ve been told that Pilot gets along with cats and puppies.

They are not a bonded pair and will go to separate homes when they’re ready to be placed.

Before they came to us, they received all their shots and numerous blood tests to ascertain that they were healthy and suitable for the long journey to the United States. Upon their arrival here, our wonderful vets at Clint Moore Animal Hospital did a complete exam and repeated the blood work.

They are currently in our Isolation Unit, where they’ll remain for two weeks. We’ll update their status when they are ready to go to their forever homes.