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Poor, sweet Savannah! It’s hard to believe that she’s only about 3-4 years old, but obviously, those years were tough years for her. At EGRR, we’ve seen some Goldens come into our program in pretty bad shape. Savannah is a rescue in the utmost sense of the word: She arrived with infected eyes, infected ears, bad skin and a terribly matted coat. Not only that, she barely moved because she was about 35 lbs overweight and, for a small Golden, that’s A LOT of weight. She was also terrorized by her extremely active and playful younger “brother”, Max, who meant her no harm, but just wanted to play. They are not litter-mates, but they did live together in the home of the senior lady who couldn’t take care of them. We surmise that she and Max hadn’t seen a vet in a very long time, if at all.

Of course, as soon as she came to us, we did a complete medical workup on her (as we do on all our Goldens). Dr. D immediately cleaned her ears, put her on eye meds, gave her antibiotics and arranged for her to have a bath and to be de-matted. We put her on a healthy, lower calorie diet and did blood work. Considering how she looked, it seems that she’s in good health. She’s Heartworm Negative (YAY!) and has no major issues, except that her thyroid levels were extremely low, which would partially account for her extreme overweight. Savannah is now on a proper dose of thyroid meds and a good diet, which should help her immensely.

Savannah is house-trained, very calm and quite small. There is a beautiful girl underneath all that fur, just waiting to blossom into the wonderful, happy Golden she was meant to be! Despite everything, she still manages a smile and a wagging tail (amazing!). If you are interested in helping in Savannah’s transformation, please contact us asap. You will be rewarded many times over for your kindness!