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Hi, I'm


Hi Everyone, I’m Sian!  I am 13 months old and I’m a very happy boy.  Life is just a party because I love dogs, cats, kids (and grown ups as well).  They tell me I should be sad because my family had to give me up, but I met a whole bunch of new people and I fell in love with all of them.  I showed them how much fun I could be because I am full of energy. I heard the people from EGRR say I need to be with a family with a fenced yard so that I can run and play.  A pool would be great too cause then I can swim. 

On a more serious note, I was well cared for, and my extensive medical records show that.  I am up to date on vaccines and every other kind of test a boy my age needs.  My family was very sad to see me go, but my main caregiver was going away to school and I was too much for a mom with both a baby and young child.  So now I am looking for a new family who will make sure I learn all my manners, and will have lots of time to spend with me. 

 If you want to meet me, call the Hotline (954) 748 – 3507 and/or fill out an adoption application on the website.  We can have fun together!