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I love my new name. It’s much easier to say and my Foster Mom says it really fits me. I agree and want to keep it forever! I am now living with my Foster Mom who says I’m a wonderful, energetic puppy who loves people and other dogs. However, she says I am a “handful”, whatever that means. She is working on my manners and is teaching me to sit, wait, stay, come, go to my bed and not to greet people by jumping on them. Pretty soon I’ll have all the manners I’ll need to make a wonderful companion to some lucky family.

I love attention and belly rubs! I am really a happy-go-lucky boy and I need an active family with a fenced backyard and plenty of time to spend with me.


Hi Everyone, I’m Sian!  I am 13 months old and I’m a very happy boy.  Life is just a party because I love dogs, cats, kids (and grown ups as well).  They tell me I should be sad because my family had to give me up, but I met a whole bunch of new people and I fell in love with all of them.  I showed them how much fun I could be because I am full of energy. I heard the people from EGRR say I need to be with a family with a fenced yard so that I can run and play.  A pool would be great too cause then I can swim. 

On a more serious note, I was well cared for, and my extensive medical records show that.  I am up to date on vaccines and every other kind of test a boy my age needs.  My family was very sad to see me go, but my main caregiver was going away to school and I was too much for a mom with both a baby and young child.  So now I am looking for a new family who will make sure I learn all my manners, and will have lots of time to spend with me. 

 If you want to meet me, call the Hotline (954) 748 – 3507 and/or fill out an adoption application on the website.  We can have fun together!