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Sunshine (Now a Snowbird)

In March of 2016 a special gift came into our lives. Her name is Sunshine.

Over many years we were Golden Retriever “parents”. We had gotten all of our dogs from breeders. Our 11 year old Maggie had just passed away when we read an article in the Sun Sentinel about Goldens being rescued from Turkey. My wife wanted some more time to get past our loss, but I [Paul] convinced her to agree to apply for one of these rescue dogs through the Everglades Golden Retreiver Rescue. It was love at first sight the moment we laid our eyes on Sunshine. We were blessed with being able to adopt this 3 year old golden “Turkey Dog”.

Having never “rescued” a dog before, we were unaware of the feelings we would have, or what to expect. As my wife tells our grandchildren, “Sunshine came from a land far, far away. Nobody took care of her and nobody loved her. She lived on the streets and had to find food wherever she could”. She had been hit by a car, which caused a bad injury to her back leg, but she gets around fine. She had a litter of puppies, and what appears to be bite marks on her legs. Yet she has the sweetest disposition. She is loving and grateful. She enjoys all the toys we have given her, and greets us at the door by presenting us with her prized possession, a stuffed monkey. She snuggles next to us on the sofa (and on the bed). She is happy to play with our grandchildren as well as with our “grand-dog”. She enjoys playing fetch and taking long walks. She follows us from room to room and we laugh every time she throws herself on her back to wiggle in the grass.

She has given us a purpose: someone to love and nurture and take care of. And we appreciate her as much as she appreciates us. She has brought joy and softness into our hearts. We have loved all of our dogs, but there is something special about rescuing a dog. We cannot say enough about EGRR. They are such a caring group of people who love their rescue dogs and make sure that they are each healthy and placed with the right family.