Hi, I’m Max and I am a very lucky 1 year old boy! A super nice man called EGRR and told them that my previous owner was trying to get rid of me by putting me on CraigsList and asking someone to take me. This is very dangerous and I know I could have wound …

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Meet Nala, a sweet, active 9 month old puppy. She was surrendered to EGRR by her owner who loves her very much, but who did what she felt was best for her. She has a full-time job and not enough time to devote to her nor enough room in her apartment for her to run …

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Poor, sweet Savannah! It’s hard to believe that she’s only about 3-4 years old, but obviously, those years were tough years for her. At EGRR, we’ve seen some Goldens come into our program in pretty bad shape. Savannah is a rescue in the utmost sense of the word: She arrived with infected eyes, infected ears, …

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Meet Max, who is about a year old. He came to EGRR via another Rescue group. He had been living with an older woman who couldn’t take proper care of him or train him. She needed help and turned to this other group. One of our Board members is a volunteer with them, and they …

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Meet Hank, our big, playful, handsome 10-month-old puppy. Hank came to EGRR from a loving, but overwhelmed, home. Here’s his story: When Hank was about 8 weeks old, a very unethical backyard breeder ($$$$) sold him to a couple in their 80’s. Anyone who knows the breed, knows that a Golden puppy (and a male, …

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Pilot & Autumn

Meet EGRR’s two newest additions! Pilot, a 3-4 year old male and Autumn a 4-5 year old female, who just arrived from Turkey. Both are super sweet and have had a difficult life until now. Autumn came from a bad situation with a hoarder in Turkey, where she was held for 2 years. She needs …

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Meet Chloe, a sweet, almost-7 year old girl. She loves other dogs, likes cats, and loves people. She’s healthy, but she needs to lose 30 pounds. She needs a fenced yard and another dog to play with.


Forrest is a 4 year old Golden Retriever from Istanbul, Turkey. He is super sweet and calm, but he loves to play! He gets along with other dogs, and he’s looking for a “furever” home with a fenced yard.


Shiba is a beautiful 6 year old girl from Istanbul. She is calm, sweet, very affectionate, and is in need of a home where she will get the love and care she deserves. She is healthy and is waiting for her family to find her.