Turkey Dogs

Once a status symbol...

Goldens used to be a status symbol in Istanbul, where they were imported from Germany and England to be sold in pet stores. Considered unclean and unfit to live indoors, they would be kept in outdoor gardens.


Once they became too popular, the breed’s desirability was lost. Young Golden Retrievers, most under 5 years old, were turned loose on the streets to fend for themselves, joining packs of other dogs to forage for food in the trash or, if they’re lucky, from bags of kibble left by concerned volunteers.

How'd we get involved?

A concerned American living in Istanbul saw these roaming dogs and contacted Adopt A Golden Atlanta to ask for help. The first 36 Turkey Dogs set foot on American soil in early 2015 after an exhaustive 4 month process. Dozens more are brought here every year.


Everglades Golden Retriever joined in on this rescue effort. Across the country, the number of purebred Goldens being surrendered to rescue groups has dwindled, but the number of people looking to open their homes and their hearts to these wonderful Goldens has only grown.


This national effort, involving Golden Retriever organizations from across the country, is also supported by The Golden Retriever Club of America National Rescue Committee.